Australia’s largest State spans the western third of the continent, although the winemaking regions are almost entirely concentrated in the south-western portion of the State.  These regions include the Swan Valley   and Perth Hills region near the State capital Perth and, further south, the regions of Peel, Geographe, Blackwood Valley, Pemberton, Manjimup, Great Southern and Margaret River. If you feel the urge for a unique West Australian beer on your travels around this great state then check out our Microbreweries in WA.

Two decades ago, Margaret River was better known for the classic surf break lying not far from the junction of river and sea but entrepreneurs have driven the development of vineyards and wineries that have overcome the State’s geographic isolation and carved their mark not just within Australia but around the world. This region has become known for zesty Sauvignon Blancs, superlative Cabernet Sauvignons and bold Zinfandel. For more information visit the Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation .

South West WA wine regions Perth WA wine regions

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Biodynamics is one of the hottest topics of conversation in the Australian wine community right now. The website, has been created by Australian wine journalist Max Allen, to explain the practice and to provide independent, critical information about wines made using biodynamic methods.

  Radio WA talks to the winner of James Halliday's Winemaker of the Year for 2020, Vanya Cullen from Cullen Wines about organic and biodynamic farming systems.

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