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Barry Green
Barry Green, Ideas on Tourism & Sustainability

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. (JRR Tolkien) 

I believe that to maintain a reasonable standard of living into the future in Western Australia we need to look very carefully at how we manage our economy, food supply, resources and society.  I believe that the internet has a major place to play because it allows the discussion of ideas that don't get an airing in the mainstream media. The internet allows for the free exchange of ideas providing exciting opportunities for innovative businesses and individuals to prosper. At the end of 2008 we saw the economic and environment effect of allowing sales and marketing  types to lead the world. Hopefully the failure of the global economic model driven by greed will be replaced by a new sustainable economic model driven by true science, not the commercial science of multinational corporations,  and a genuine interest in caring for the planet and its people.  In 2010 a proposal to mine coal in the beautiful South West at Margaret River was challenged by a well organised internet based campaign run by the The No Coal!tion , this resulted in the proposal being disallowed. Also. while great damage  has been done to the states agricultural industry by the release of GM canola, it now looks ( March 2011)  like reason might prevail with the Premier now announcing the the state will not be going down the path of GM wheat. For more on this discussion see the science of organic farming. Aren't we fortunate to live in a democracy that allows its citizens to express an opinion, and at a time when the best of American enterprise and technology has produced the internet and Google, allowing for the free exchange of ideas!  Australia's CSIRO is providing leadership with its work which is explained in  ECOS  a bi-monthly CSIRO magazine reporting on the science and news behind sustainability in the environment and industry. 

As I see it, domestic Tourism , and Agritourism in particular  is an extension of the growing health and wellbeing industry. Holidays allow people to think about what they are doing and where they are going and holiday experiences inform and educate people about the values of, Nature Conservation, Farmers Markets , Farm Tourism, Organic Farming  , Permaculture , Slow Food   Sustainable Living and even can contribute to aboriginal reconciliation and an appreciation of our Heritage and Culture.  Harvest Highway is a project that attracts people from Perth to explore teh attractions and food producers along the South Western Highway that runs from Armadale to Walpole, an area from which much of WA's fresh food is produced.  All will have to become increasingly significant if we are to maintain reasonable living standards in the face of declining natural energy resources. I'm not sure that International Tourism to WA has a big future as rising oil costs will make mass long distance air travel too expensive. I question our governments justification for encouraging investment to cater for international tourism which could well turn out to be a passing phenomenon.

The organisation Forum Advocating Cultural and Ecotourism,  FACET represents similar ideals, their charter is "To inspire and promote the responsible community use of Western Australian Cultural and Natural Heritage through tourism". I was delighted to present as case study titled "Agritourism and the Internet, remaking the connection between Farmers and Eaters"  at their very successful   Culinary Journeys Conference  held in Manjumup in April 2013. Check out the Culinary Journeys Website and facebook page . 

If you agree with the ideas expressed here and in the associated links, please feel free to link to any of these pages from your website, this way you are helping to spread the concept of stability through diversity! If your website is relevant to the content of this site I'll happily provide a reciprocal link.

If you take a few moments to check out the 4 main sections of this site, WA Holiday Planner, Special Interest Accommodation, Travellers Links and Unique West Australian products, gifts and souvenirs, I think you will be amazed at the amount of information and ease of access.  

Barry Green
Managing Director,
Western Tourist Radio
Owner: Boronia Farm Farmstay

 ABC Radio Interviews


ABC Open talk with Barry about Radio in  various forms https://open.abc.net.au/posts/barry-heart-radio-84wu6hh
The following article was first published in Australian Organic Producer Magazine, Spring 2011 edition, by the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA). For further information regarding organics, visit www.bfa.com.au  or contact the BFA, the voice of Australian organics, on ph 07 3350 5716; email info@bfa.com.au.

About Agritourism
Article from Farm Weekly "Ripe" insert June 2010, for more WA Farm Holidays visit www.farmstaywest.com.au

Article from
The Countryman "My Block" March 2009

Barry Green picking organic Lady Williams apples
 organic farming
To read my discussion paper on organic farming visit Organic Farming  click hear to listen to my ideas on organic farming 
Organic farming and tourism
To read my discussion paper on organic farming visit Organic Farming  click hear to listen to my ideas on organic farming 

The threat of GM foods

Farm Tourism : The following article from the ABC Organic Gardner Magazine, Spring 2006 click hear to listen to my ideas on organic farming  

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Economic value of bio-diversity, Land for Wildlife
More about Land For Wildlife  properties with areas of land reserved for nature conservation
Community and business co-operation
The above was prompted in part by my frustration at being unable to develop a dialogue with the WA Tourism Commission. An organisation that receives $54 million dollars in taxpayer funds but which charges small operators like our Boronia Farm Farmstay as much as multi-national hotels for a listing on their website www.westernaustralia.com .
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