To help organic farmers source inputs we are compiling a list of businesses that understand organic requirements. Perhaps not all advice provided by these businesses will comply with organic certification requirements, however generally they will be providing better advice than that provided by the unholy alliance that has evolved between government and multinational agrochemical companies.

SAMPI fish hydrolysate soil biology food and fertiliser Organically certified proven results, direct from the producer
Biosoil Solutions  click to listen   click to listen  The production of our premium compost is now under windrow management on a four and a half acre hardstand area.
No Frills Fertailisers We specialise in biological products and the knowledge that is needed to use them
Australian Mineral Fertilisers specialises in the formulation of new granulated mineral fertilisers
Nutri-Tech Solutions specialises in the relationship between soil health, animal health & human health and we have become a recognised world leader in biological farming.
C-Wise Creating powerful soils for naturally stronger growth.
Organic Farming Systems Leading supplier of cost effective organic fertilisers and inoculants to improve crop and soil health.
SoiLife Australia a company that we set up some years ago to manufacture and distribute Integrated Soil Health & Sustainability Solutions & Consulting Services to Commercial, Farming, and Community Produce Growers & Home Gardeners throughout Australia.

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