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Western Tourist Radio - Link Policy Explained
Link Policy Explained

Taking the time to read and understand the following could be the best investment you make for your West Australian tourism business.  

There are dozens of tourism web sites on the internet competing for traffic, most focus on accommodation. They fit into two main categories, those that you pay to be listed on (often as an additional benefit of membership of an organisation) and those that charge based on business generated.

This website is different. It has been set up as a compliment to our network of tourist radio stations  in Western Australia. The main intention of the site is to promote the unique attractions products and services of regional WA, the businesses, and natural attractions that attract visitors to a region and make it unique. The aim of the site is to make it as easy as possible for people to plan their holiday in Western Australia, for this reason it includes links to all sorts of websites that I believe will help people to decide to visit I have created a site that provides access to a vast quantity of information, without it being a maintenance liability . In keeping with search engine practice, organisations that advertise on our radio service are listed above other businesses, and, perhaps unique to this website, organisations that provide reciprocal links are listed next. See what OM4Tourism has to say about our Link Policy.  If you operate a small tourism business (including accommodation businesses) like our own Boronia Farm Farmstay  you can have your business listed free of charge simply by providing a reciprocal link. Why pay a 10% fee to booking engines when this site can deliver traffic direct to your website simply by providing a reciprocal link? This simple initiative by Western Tourist Radio allows small tourism businesses to feature as prominently as larger businesses. The reason we are able to do this is that all the links to pages within this site improves its ranking for search words as well as bringing additional traffic to this website and in turn to your website if you join us. Try searching Google Australia   for    farmstay western australia,    pet friendly wa ,   agritourism wa  ,   farmers markets wa   ,  Donnybrook wa accommodation       See what I mean?  

While there is currently much focus on search engines, the efforts of website managers to have their sites rank for all sorts of irrelevant search words is reducing the value of search facilities. This site is a manual, Western Australian, Visitor Information Portal (WA VIP). It provides links to other sites not based on some mathematical algorithm but on my knowledge of Western Australia and only after I have had a look at the site. If you take a few moments to check out the four main sections of this site, WA Holiday Planner, Special Interest Accommodation, Travellers Links and Unique West Australian products, gifts and souvenirs, I think you will be amazed at the amount of information and ease of access.  

Barry Green, Managing Director, Western Tourist Radio 

If you wish to list your business or community group on this website please see our Link Policy