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Conversations WA
If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. (JRR Tolkien) 
Western Tourist Radio (WTR) and Radio WA, have been created to "Tell the stories of people and Places in Western Australia" . It is a private company operated from Donnybrook in the South West of WA, but broadcasting on 87.6 FM in East Perth and the major coastal towns in the South West of WA. Stories below are inspired by the ABC Conversations programs.  Please  explore this website to be connected directly with tourism and food related businesses all over WA. Our businesses model is not based on high commissions, we just want to encourage you to explore regional WA and look after it for future generations to enjoy. To hear more stories from creative West Australians visit Local Talent Time . Within this website click on the Sound Cloud Logo  Cliock to listen   , to listen to the story. 
Dick Smith Radio WA talks to Australian entrepreneur, adventurer and philanthropist, Dick Smith. Dick Smith  Dick provides a few points for you to ponder while you are relaxing on holiday! As Dick says, we are all part of nature. The interview was prompted by Dicks video explaining the actions of foreign booking engines.
Tim Winton West Australian Author, Tim Winton  Tim Winton  talks about saving Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth Gulf for future generations to enjoy. He talks about how he "came to see that ordinary people, properly informed and organised could overcome the massive imbalance between the rights of the citizens and the influence of the corporate sector. "  Radio WA is proud to be able to help to "properly inform" the people!
Healthy Soils Healthy Communities Barry Green  has over 30 years experience in organic farming.
In Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities he talks to Australians concerned about the future of food and agriculture , and the solution they’re putting on the table.

Produced by Barry Green of Donnybrook Community Radio  as part of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia's , National Features and Documentary Series
Supervising production by Ian Hill. 
Armistice Project Radio WA talks to Holly Langford-Smith about the Armistice Project at the University Club of Western Australia.   Through photos and stories straight from the pens of our University men and women come narratives of grief and grit even beyond the battlefields. Recognise these individuals not merely for their wartime service, but for the lives they touched around them. They were friends to some, enemies to others; they were healers, trainers, researchers and soldiers; they were family and they were strangers.
A conversation with Debbie Noonan, spokesperson for  the Registered Accommodation Providers of Margaret River Region    , about the effect of so called accommodation sharing websites.
Hands off my food Dr. Sina McCullough and Barry Green discuss how the media has changed our perception of food, leading us down the path towards disease and pharmaceuticals, and what we can do about it.
Barry Green has worked in media, both radio and television, for over 30 years. He is currently the Managing Director at Western Tourist Radio in Australia.
Retail Co Bunbury A Facebook video interview with Cheryl Kozisek about the launch of our walking Map for Bunbury.  Make sure you pick one up! This showcases all of our fantastic locally owned business Many thanks to Barry Green from Western Tourist Radio and Michael from 6 Seed.
Health Network We talk to Dr Sarah Moore about the Holistic Health Practitioner Network , in Busselton, Western Australia .

The HHPN is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation consisting of members from a range of different practitioner modalities based in the South West of Western Australia.
Sustainable Australia An interview with Peter Strachan,  a scientist and businesses annalist, about economic and environmental sustainability and how tourism has a place to play in raising awareness of these issues. Peter is a member of www.sustainableaustralia.org.au  .

To hear the full version of the interview go to Radiowa – Peter-strachan-sustainable-australia-full-version
Slow Food Swan Valley Vincenzo Velletri      from Slow Food Swan Valley  talks about the slow food movement and what is happening in the Swan Valley. We also talk about Regenerative agriculture and Charles Massy's book "Call of the Reed Warbler, a New Agriculture, a New Earth"  
 We talk to Fiona David, Research Chair   of  the  Minderoo Foundation , Mining Magnate, Andrews Forrest's Philanthropic foundation. We discuss his contribution to ocean research and what we can all do to help.
Conscious Capatilism Radio WA / WTR has become an Early Adopter of Conscious Capitalism Australia, to hear more about it click on the Sound Cloud logo  Concoious Capatilism Australia
The Busselton Chamber of Commerce & Industry click to listen  was formed in December 1937 and today is a pro-active, ethical, dynamic and highly visible organisation dedicated to supporting local businesses and working with the whole community to develop the economic growth in our fast growing region.  CEO Jodie Richards talks to WTR about her vision for the future of businesses in the region.
  Geographe Businesses Referral Group  click to listen WTR talked with the Ian Massy, the  Convenor of GBRG, in 2016 about the group.  Our mission is to encourage entrepreneurial business people in our group to share qualified business referrals. We maintain a standard of high integrity, trust & professionalism whilst having a good time together.
Wellness Unwrapped Wellness Unwrapped  Click to listen  What a journey health and wellness can be! A serious health crisis faced by both Karen and Nina led them to understand SO much more about the importance of how we take part in our own lives.
Upland Consulting Upland Consulting    click to listen   Is your board as effective as it should be? Is it really clear about its role? Or does it flounder, get lost down in the weeds, waste time second-guessing management, bog down in unproductive conflict?    I'm Iain Massey - The Board Bloke ™. I help boards of directors work better. I help companies (nonprofits, too) that need more from their board. And I help small businesses get the benefits of good board work without the costs.
WA Parks Foundation Western Australian’s National Parks and nature reserves cover an area bigger than the state of Victoria. The Parks are known and loved for their spectacular scenery, diverse plant and animal life, and the unique experiences they offer.
The Parks are administered by the State Government Department of Parks and Wildlife. To support them in this huge undertaking, the WA Parks Foundation   has been created so that together we can make a real difference and help everyone enjoy our wonderful outdoor lifestyle and protect our parks for future generations.
An interview with Jane Reynolds, a director of Foundation 1901 talking about the Australian federation and the place that Henry Parks had to play.
Foundation 1901 is an organisation dedicated to celebrating the past, present and future of Australia’s Federation, promoting awareness and understanding of its ongoing importance to us all.

links related to this story are:
The Book Sir Henry Parks : The Australian Colossus
The Tenterfield Ooration
George Megalgenis book  Australia's Second Chance
Lions Colin Beauchamp AM  JP     talks about the Lions Cancer Institute and the Lions organisation as a whole, which is celebrating 100 years in 2017. To find out more about Lions in WA  . If you are planning to holiday in WA check out www.radiowa.com.au  to find links direct to local businesses all over this great state.
The Museum of Perth   click to listen   chronicles the social, cultural, political and architectural history of Perth