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   Halls Creek
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The Oasis of the Kimberley sits on the northern edge of the Great Sandy Desert . Halls Creek had the first payable 10-oz gold discovery in Western Australia in 1885 at the Elvire River . Charles Hall and Jack Slattery started the gold discovery, the two men were rewarded 5,000 by the State Government and the gold rush had begun.

Soon after the discovery, the site became prospecting grounds to more than 15,000 who had travelled from all over the world in the hope of finding gold. In 1955 the Halls Creek townsite relocated 15kms to the north west , to less rugged terrain and adjacent to the newly constructed Great Northern Highway . With a growing pastoral industry, the historical location made it the last stop before stock drovers commenced the long cattle drive along the legendary Canning Stock Route , 2,000km south to Wiluna through some of the most inhospitable country in the world.

Today Halls Creek has a vibrant, strong pastoral industry, exciting tourism prospects and entrepreneurial activities in mineral exploration. To experience perfection in tranquil, awe-inspiring attractions, time is needed to explore and appreciate intrinsic beauty at its best. Its a great start point to see the majestic World Heritage listed Purnululu National Park ( Bungle Bungle Range ), 360 million-year old wonder.  Or visit Wolfe Creek Crater; the 2nd largest crater in the world from which fragments of a meteorite have been collected. Close by the China Wall is made in sub-vertical quartz rock it is believed to be part of the longest single fault of its type in the world.

You can check out the Old Halls Creek Township , a reminder of the past mining history, where gold is still found today. For a delightful relaxing experience try Sawpit Gorge where you can go swimming, picnicking and fishing. The Billiluna Aboriginal Community invites tourists to visit, where you can fish for fresh mussels, camp, bush walk, bird watch, swim and general fishing.  

For more information visit  the Halls Creek Visitor Centre


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  • Kimberley Hotel Halls Creek
    The Kimberley Hotel, cool, elegant and tranquil, yet still retaining much of the frontier character of Old Halls Creek. Adjacent to the airport and approximately 500 metres from the Post Office and town centre the hotel has view of the surrounding country side.


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