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 Centrally located about a three hour drive between Perth (256kms) and Kalgoorlie (326kms) and between the pastoral regions of the Murchison and the south coast, Merredin has developed into a thriving rural service town.  The massive granite rock, Merredin Peak, adjacent the town, provided water for Aboriginal people, sandalwood cutters, prosectors, explorers and pastoralists. The servicing of the Yilgarn and Kalgoorlie Goldfields around the turn of the century was impetus for the development of the railway, the Goldfields water supply pipeline (the Golden Pipeline) and agriculture. The town grew up around the Peak and is named after the merit tree that grows in the forest nearby and was used by the Aboriginal people to make spears.  

The Merredin Museum is housed in the former railway station with fascinating displays on the old days of steam. The story of the role the town played in World War 2 is revealed by visiting the Military Museum and driving to view the unusual structures such as supply hangars, fuel dumps and a radio listening station and the ruins of a  Mash  style”  hospital  left behind in the district. A walk along the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail at Merredin Peak describes the unique way in which water was harvested from the rocks in the early days. It offers views over the town and the nearby salmon gum woodland where wildflowers are beautiful in the winter and spring months. The Shire has over 900 species of wildflowers identified including over 80 acacias and around 40 orchids and eucalypt species. Self drive trail information and spring time wildflower tours are available to guide visitors to other rock, bushland and heritage sites in the district. These include the walk at Totadgin Rock , the Rabbit Proof Fence and  Mt Moore/ Lake Campion.  

The rock outcrops, wildflowers and open farmland scenery of the district has been an impetus for the arts. Works inspired by the area include the mosaics, sculpture, pottery, glass work and fine art on display in venues in the town.

The growing, transporting and harvesting of grain is the major impetus to the town’s economy. The huge CBH grain handing terminal dominates the western approaches to the town.  The heritage listed Cummins Theatre, with its pressed tin interior transported from the demolished Tivoli  Theatre in Coolgardie in 1928, was erected by a brewer who used local grains to brew Oatmeal and Kalgoorlie Stout. 

Café’s, accommodation, great shopping and all the services provided by a regional centre are available in Merredin. Call the  Central Wheatbelt Visitor Centre   (08) 9041 1668  or 1300  361 351 and ask for Merredin ( pronounced Merry Din ).

Western Tourist Radio is keen to swap links with any businesses in the Merredin area that offers a service that might be of interest to visitors to the area. From accommodation and attractions to unique products and services. For further information please see our Link Policy

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