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 Norseman is the administrative centre for the Shire of Dundas. The shire has an area larger than the Tasmania with a population density about 100 times lower! Amazingly Perth is closer to Norseman than the only other town in the shire, which is Eucla, located 12km west of the border. 

The original gold find in the shire was at Dundas, about 22km south of Norseman. However, it was a chance find that started the real gold activity for Norseman. In 1894 Laurie Sinclair was camping in the area when his horse uncovered a gold nugget while pawing at the ground. The horse's name? Norseman of course! As seems to be the case in many towns gold was found nearby by a group of other prospectors at the same time, but Norseman still gets the credit. It may well be only town in the state and perhaps Australia named after an animal. 

Gold mining has been the major activity in the area since that early discovery, and is still being carried out today. 

However, there is more to see than just mining. This shire boasts the largest semi arid woodland in the world, while the Nullarbor has the most caves of any area in the world! There are many 4 wheel drive tracks that can be explored, and the Eyre Highway is probably one of the world's greatest drives around.

 Both towns are very historic. Norseman has many old buildings that are architecturally unique because very little has changed from the original construction. Whilst the first motel at Eucla was made from stone collected from the abandonned telegraph station.

 The original telegraph line that was absolutely vital to a rapidly growing fledgling state passed through the shire. This line was upgraded in 1897 with the construction of more permanent structures at Eucla, Eyre's Sandpatch (now the Eyre Bird Observatory) and Israelite Bay. Also additional stations were added at Balladonia and Norseman. The Norseman Post Office has been operating as a Post Office since 1897!

 The shire has a manned police station, hospital and school. There are a number of accommodation places and a decent super market and a newsagent as well as a choice of eating places. Most facilities are available here, and Norseman makes a great point from which to explore the woodlands. The Eyre highway boasts a number of attractions from the caves to spectacular beaches.   Why not come and see for yourself?  For more information visit Norseman Visitor Information


Western Tourist Radio is keen to swap links with any businesses in the Norseman area that offers a service that might be of interest to visitors to the area. From accommodation and attractions to unique products and services. For further information please see our Link Policy

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  • Norseman Great Western Motel
    The Norseman Great Western Motel is Norseman's premier motel. Rammed earth and timber construction, ground floor units with queen beds, quiet location, below ground floor pool and a licensed restaurant with a fantastic blend of `a la carte` and homestyle cooking.
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